Our Calendar

The Mission Peak Brass Band calendar is publicly accessible in a variety of ways. Rehearsal dates and performances can be viewed on the widget to the right, here as a Google Calendar, and also via subscription by URL.

The instructions below describe how to subscribe to the calendar via URL so that these events appear in whatever personal Calendar you use. They assume you have a gmail account, that you are familiar with it’s use, and that you have your mobile device configured to use it. If you’re a person that needs read/write access to the calendars, a gmail account is required.

We understand that people use on-line calendars across a wide variety of platforms in various ways. If what’s below can’t be translated into useful instructions for your environment, you can Google “Subscribe to public calendar by URL for <your_platform>”. Alternatively, feel free to contact Dave or Jacob at rehearsal (or by any other means) and they’ll try to help you out.

Subscribe to the Mission Peak Brass Band (and others) calendar by URL:
The URL’s to subscribe to the band calendars are as follows:
  1. Delete all previous dedicated band accounts you have configured on all your mobile devices (e.g. calendar@mpbb.org, info@mpbb.org, etc.)
  2. Login to your gmail account from your computer via a browser and delete all band calendars under “Other Calendars
  3. Right click on one of the links above and select “Copy Link Address” or equivalent for your platform
  4. Click on the arrow to the right of”Other Calendars”  -> “Add by URL”
  5. Paste the link you copied in Step 3 into the “URL” box and then click “Add Calendar
  6. Repeat above steps for each calendar you want to add (note that you may need to log out then back in again to see thecalendars show up)
  7. If you want these calendars to appear on your mobile device(s) go to https://www.google.com/calendar/syncselect and select the calendars you just added